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Sep. 21st, 2016


(no subject)

Aaaaaaaargh. Up since 7 to ho. Still waiting. FTS. Different reality. Never fucking again.

Sep. 18th, 2016


5 Garden Notes

1. Bought cabbage starts. What kind? Isn't going to matter. Squirrels are eating them.

2. Cabbage butterfly (which I like) laid eggs on cabbage starts. Squirrels ate the leaves.

3. I'm leaving for DC for a week, so I pulled the carrots (OMG, so good--made a mire poix, ate some raw, going to pickle a small jar for my cousin) and put the cabbage in....

4. No pumpkins, and less corn--the pumpkin vines had all the roots eaten, then squirrels ate the baby gourds, and some of the corn had roots eaten too.

5. Chickens still happy. Newsflash: Put newspaper in the cage, pulling poop out will be easy. DUH.

Aug. 31st, 2016

Oak Tree

urgh. Gardening notes.

1. One of the chickens hasn't been as active. Molt is coming on, so I wasn't worrying about it. I forgot to close the coop door last night, and said chicken is missing...

2. Garlic from last year: hung to dry in garage. Hose fell off of dryer, didn't think about it...all bulbs mouldered away. Perfect empty garlic bulbs.

3. 3 sisters going great gangbusters, the indian corn is multistalked, the gophers are eating the beans and pumpkin roots.

4. Rats are eating the back garden pretty strongly...may be squirrels.

5. Mushroom garden a loss, have to rejigger.

So tired all the time...gotta get off this shift.

Aug. 23rd, 2016


Monday 3

Hour 3 of a twenty minute call foisted on me at the last second. Less than halfway done. Local tools busted prolly by new hires. Every day I'm shufflin

Aug. 3rd, 2016

bass, kissing

Wednesday 5 make a post

1. Werk. Well, in the staff meeting this morning, it was stated that the Pharoah has decided that Russians are good, and has made contact with a firm in Kiev (yes, I know, not Russians, Ukranians) who will provide support engineers for the off shifts.

so....well, there it is. That's pretty clear. Except none of them have storage experience. "But we can train them!". Hmm. Right. Nope.

2. Wrrrrk. Chickens! They're getting more aggressive. I planted them a garden, which they can't get into, but still plants are disappearing...I think it's rats, dangit.

3. Next big thing: Get the aikido black belt, which means work out, lose weight, and get stretchy again, and get off this shift. OK. Let's see if this idea sticks.

4. Socialness...taking a big hit still from job.

5. Too many things to do feels like I live in ghormengast. Sleep will help. Workshift over at 12:30 in bed by 1 awake by 7...sigh.

Jul. 31st, 2016


5 Things, virtual Monday

1. I am now over my 3 big commits: Clockwork Alchemy, Serenade, and El Capitan. They all did better than I expected, because I work with excellent people. They all could use course corrections and improvements. Now, I need to figure out what my next commits are.

2. I can say with experience that post-show crash from producing is in fact the same as post show crash from performing. Need to tech crew, FOH and direct to round it all out. But it's the combination of withdrawal from social contract, lack of external sourced focus, and realization of exhaustion that's the same. Except, of course, producing means another month of reports and meetings. Callout to Rose/Laurie for taking care of the cast party while I worked. Good luck to her on The Music Man!

3. Chickens are getting aggressive towards me, which is strange. Lack of food? Lack of Greens? The fact that I made a garden they want to eat then put a cage around it? I don't know. They'll get some cage time this week.

4. Work is inherently exhausting, especially when they schedule 8:30 AM meetings (I work 3 PM to Midnight). It's only money... It's infuriating to see simple things that could be done, but won't be, because "we don't have the resources". It's even more infuriating to realize how much harder I sometimes work because I do the job...and most don't. Not an environment worth sticking around in.

5. Job hunt. Gotta get on it. Only 60 days left in this contract.

That's 5. Drink more water. Do more tickets.

Jul. 10th, 2016


5 Creative things.

1. Whitechapel Bar. Plusses: Very nice gin drinks, Steampunk Decor, tasty food. Minuses: San Francisco Bar on a Friday night. Streets lined with homeless people and tense police (BLM protest at Civic Center.) Bonus Double Plus: People. Would do it again, not on a Friday night, not having to cross a protest.

2. "Ragtime", in Union City. Very topical, great music, wonderful company. Great characterization, excellent singing and dancing. Some nitpiks, but still totally worth it. Makes me want to do more theater.

3. German Spud Salad. 2.5 lb red, scrubbed diced and steamed. 2 oz bacon minced, cooked, with 1 1/2 fine dice onion cooked down in the grease, 1 Tbs yellow mustard seed, 1/2 tsp Coleman's mustard powder, 1 tsp celery seed, cooked down and pan deglazed with 1 cup apple cider vinegar, mixed hot. OMG, so good!

4. Planning adventures? Ok. Housesit a place with a hot tub. Travel to Seattle. Go hang with friends at Purg.

5. Presented budget for show.

Jul. 5th, 2016

Fall Helm

5 things make a post

1. Show goes on...it's much easier to not fight "the way it's always been done". Time to get the publicity going.

2. DIdn't do much this weekend. Had some days off, just didn't have much motivation. Skipped Kirby Cove, skipped travelling for parties. I want to be active...

3. Need to fix the diet/exercise regime. Back to HMR on Wednesday. Swim/Yoga/walk every day.

4. Work. Well, got a message on Friday that a 90 day extension to the contract was available. Given how everything else is changed, just sent back a "only if the pay goes up" note. Probably be refused. Half of me says "Take the money here!" the other half says "There is no future here!" Both are true. Driving me crazy, in between the two.

5. Chickens. Doing OK. Not escaping.

Wish me luck on the job tomorrow; I know they'll counteroffer low. I didn't want to leave it until the last minute, but they didn't come back to me until Friday--when I work M-Th, and had F-to M marked as off on the calendar (4rth).

I feel like an idiot. Ah well.

Jun. 24th, 2016



Lost VO gig to not getting work done fast enough. Losing support contract due to things. Not announced but my nerves say so. Bleh.

What gives me joy? Walks with friends, dancing, coffee wits.

Jun. 22nd, 2016


Ffs FB is tiring

Trolls and ops and dubious links. Dens having sit ins because repugs won't do anything. Endless fucking sealioning and fear selling.

Fucking done. Balanced discussion? No possible there. Fuck you Republican obstructionist murdering tools. FUCK OFF AND DIE IN GUNFIRE.

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